• Rachael Kaminski

Bald, brave and badass

October 2017, I had gone through 3 months of chemotherapy for classic Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Most of my hair had fallen out but I was still holding onto those last few strands. It just so happened that my sister-in-law Alisha Latson had made the decision that she was going to show her support of my journey by having me shave her head. Which at that moment was exactly what I needed to be able to let my hair go and take control of my hair loss.

A little back story: That day Alisha called asking if she could come over. I said yes of course.. and then thought... what could be so important that she couldn't just tell me over the phone?

She casually comes over and as we are chatting on couch chatting she throws me a curve ball... "I want you to shave my head." I was shocked and immediately said, "No way!"

She has super thick, I mean super duper thick naturally auburn red hair and I felt just terrible cutting it off, but shaving her head that day was EXACTLY what I needed to be able to shave my head. I thought if she can do it, then I can do it!

Following the posting of this video my husband, brother and dad all shaved their heads to show their support.

So this is just a reminder that you are a badass and beautiful with or without hair! If you are ready to take control over your hair loss and need someone to shave your head I offer that service free of charge.

You're also welcome to make it a party. Invite your girlfriends, pop some champagne, take some photos and document the day! I have to say it's incredibly liberating taking control of your story.

PS: Her hair was donated to Children With Hair Loss.

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